8 Weight Loss Mistakes I Made

When I was in the weight-loss process, I made mistakes. However, I learned from those mistakes, and I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. Below are some of the mistakes I made. Read them and learn from them, so that you don’t make them.

  • I thought that I could lose it without doing anything different.
  • You can’t lose weight without making changes. It won’t happen.

  • I thought that just because I started exercising, it would be enough.
  • You should exercise if you want to lose weight, however, most people eat way too much and need to reduce their food intake.

  • I thought that I needed to lose a few pounds instead of realizing that I had a weight problem.
  • I was overweight but refused to admit it, to myself or anyone else. You need to admit you have a weight problem, before you are willing to do anything about it.

  • Although my results were fast, I thought they should have been a lot faster.
  • It took me years to gain the weight, but I thought it should come off over night. It takes time to reverse years of overeating.

  • I Did Not Think I Would Have Setbacks
  • Setbacks will happen. There were days I overate and my weight went up instead of down. It happens. There were days that my weight did not move at all. It will happen. That doesn’t mean you failed. It just means that you have had a little setback.

  • I thought I Would Have to Make Big changes
  • You can make small changes for big results. I thought that I had to make drastic changes to lose weight. I didn’t. I just made small incremental changes over time. However, they were changes that I was willing to do from this point forward. If I was not willing to do it from this day forwards, I did not do it. I would find a different direction.

  • Not setting a goal
  • You need to set a weight loss goal if you want to lose weight. Without a weight loss goal, all you have are good intensions.

  • Thinking exercising as a chore
  • If you don’t link to exercise you won’t do it long term. Therefore, you need to find an exercise that you like doing, so that you will be willing to exercise long term.

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