Is Your But is Keeping You From Losing Weight?

Everyday I hear the words, “I would like to lose weight BUT…” In other words, are your excuses keeping you from losing weight?

Over the years, I have heard more excuses of why people can’t lower their weight than I have heard reasons to lose weight. Every overweight person seems to have an arsenal of excuses to tell people. What does that tell me? It tells me that they really don’t want to lose weight. However, they don’t want to tell anyone that. I believe that they feel that losing weight will be extremely painful and like most people, they don’t want to do what is painful.

What they don’t realize is that they are making losing weight painful with their attitude. Losing weight is as painful or painless as you make it. It is all about your attitude towards it. If you feel that losing weight is tough, and that you have to make major sacrifices to do it, you will not succeed in the long term. If you look forward to the results that losing weight will give you, you will succeed. Your attitude WILL determine your results. Let me put it in simple terms, “bad attitude, bad results. Good attitude, good results.” Change your attitude and your results will change. That should say it all.

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