Show Me How to Lose Weight

When people hear that I lost 50 pounds in four months and have kept it off for seven years, the first thing I am asked is, “Will you show me how?” Losing weight is not about what you do but how you think. It is about having a strong enough motivation to drive you to success. It is about losing weight, not trying. It is about determination and doing what it takes. It is also about not driving yourself crazy with every decision you make, but being happy with the decisions you make. It is about looking to a thinner future and accepting what you need to trade to get there. Losing weight is an internal decision, and the strength to overcome obstacles also comes from within.

One of the keys to losing weight is to focus on the right stuff. Don’t focus or concentrate too much on the process. Focus on the results. Don’t focus on what you are giving up. Focus on what you are getting. That large piece of cake will taste good for about two minutes. The results of not eating that piece of cake or a just having a small piece of cake can last forever. Feeling good all day beats a large piece of cake anytime.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, get your head in the right place and get started.

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