The Weight Loss Tradeoffs

Choices are not choices without tradeoffs. By definition, a choice requires trade offs. Do I buy this car or that car? If you buy one, you don’t buy the other. If you pick one, you don’t get the other. That is why it is called a choice.

Weight loss is about choices. Weight loss is about trade offs. It is about choosing healthier foods most of the time. What you get in return for this trade-off is lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and normal blood sugar levels.

  • You choose to exercise more and sit on the sofa less. This is a choice. What you get out of it is a leaner and toner body. This is a great tradeoff.
  • There is one mistake that people make. That mistake is that people look at the tradeoffs as something bad. They look at what they gave up instead of the benefit of the tradeoff. If we want to be successful at losing weight, we need to look at the benefit of the trade off. Because what we are giving up is making us sick. It is eating us away slowly. It is destroying us one bite at a time.
  • If you lose weight and start exercising you will feel better, look better, and become healthier. This is the great tradeoff that I made seven years ago. I never regretted it.
    Let’s make some weight loss tradeoffs and let’s get started.

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