The Right Way to Lose Weight

Right way to lose weight

There are thousands of methods out there to lose weight. Some methods are good. Some methods to lose weight are bad. Some methods work. Some methods don’t. Some methods are harmful. Some methods are safe. What is the right way to lose weight you may be asking?

First, let’s discuss the wrong way to lose weight. Diets are the wrong way to lose weight. Diets by their very nature are something people go on and then go off. When they go off, they usually gain the weight back. That is why long term, diets don’t work. I always hear people say, “I will use the diet to lose weight then I can keep it off…” It is very hard to keep it off when we really didn’t learn how to lose it. What I mean is that we may have lost weight by following a certain diet. However, unless we learn how to eat our favorite foods, there is a good chance, we will gain the weight back.

The right way to lose weight is learning balance. Learn how to eat our favorite foods. Learn how much of our favorite foods we can eat in one sitting. Learn to add healthier foods as part of our consumption. Make that our new way of eating for a lifetime. The key word here is balance. Learn balanced eating and we will have weight loss successes for a lifetime.
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