Shortcuts to Losing Weight

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Shortcuts to Losing Weight

Most people are willing to spend some time and money for a shortcut to lose weight. This is because in other areas of their lives, shortcuts pay off, and it reinforces their belief that there just might be an easier way. What I have found is that those who spend too much energy chasing shortcuts are often disappointed and usually fail.

There are no shortcuts to losing weight. That does not mean that you have to hate it. I realize I become stress free and relaxed after a good workout, and really enjoy exercising for how I feel afterwards. I realized that eating lighter and healthier gives me more energy in the afternoon.

Losing weight and getting fit does not have to be painful. If you concentrate on the benefits, you may actually enjoy the process. That’s why I lost 50 lbs in four months and have kept it off over eight years now.

Shortcuts are not the answer. The key is to dig deep inside you and find a way to enjoy the journey.

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