Make Time For Yourself


Make Time For Yourself

Life always seems to get in the way of making time for yourself. Your job, your business, your customers, your kids, your significant other, organizations you belong to, all want your time and are always pulling on you. Time for yourself does not seem to exist. This can be very stressful. However, there is an answer. Make appointments with yourself and keep those appointments. Saturday mornings are my time to go for long runs and I rarely let anything get in the way of it. However, just about every week one of my clients tries to schedule an appointment with me for Saturday morning. I let them know that on Saturday mornings I go for my long runs, and I would be happy to see them after I’m done. I have yet to have a client get mad about it. I do schedule other times for myself during the week, and if I am not firm about keeping the appointment to myself, something will get in the way.

The lesson is this, we are all busy, however we can make time for ourselves but we must be firm about not letting anyone force us to cancel the appointment we make with ourselves.

Therefore, make appointments with yourself and don’t cancel them.

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