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Weight Loss Regrets : You Will Never Regret Giving Losing Weight 100%

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Everyday we have regrets.  I should have done this.  I would have been better off if  I had done that.  I could have done this, but I didn’t.  Does this sound familiar?  We all have done this.  All of us have had regrets in our lives. The question is what we will do about it.  When faced with situations will we set ourselves up for regrets in the future or will we give 100%. 

 Everyday I hear people tell me that they have health issues.  I hear, “I should have taken better care of myself” by people who had a heart attack.  I hear “I should have lost weight” by people who were told they have high blood pressure and diabetes.  The ultimate words of regret, “I should have…”

 I never hear anyone say, “I should not have loss weight.”  I never hear anyone say, “I should not have become thinner.”  I never hear anyone say, “I wish I didn’t eat healthier.”  I never hear anyone say, “I wish I didn’t give losing weight 100% effort.”   I never hear anyone having regrets for actually losing weight.  

 There is a good chance that you will have regrets at some time in your life for not losing weight, but you will never have regrets for getting thinner and fitter.  Let’s get thinner and fitter and let’s eliminate that regret in the future.

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