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Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Foods and Still Lose Weight

Monday, September 24th, 2012

One of the biggest reasons people fail at losing weight is because they feel that they have to give up all their favorite foods. People tend to want what they can’t have. Therefore, they drive themselves crazy. Then they go off of their diet, binge, and gain the weight all back sometimes with interest. This also keeps many people from even starting the weight-loss process.

The key to weight loss is not ever to feel deprived. The key is to feel good about what you are doing so that you are willing to do it long term. The key is to learn how to eat your favorite foods, while adding lower calorie healthy foods, so that you can shed weight and keep the weight off for a lifetime.

It is all about balance and it is all about portions. Have ice cream, but only one scoop. Have those chips but only a pinch and not on the same day that you have the ice cream. Eat what you want, eat it slower, and eat less of it.
If you’re sitting there saying to yourself that you can’t do this, then you won’t, and you won’t lose weight.

It is not a matter of can’t but a matter of won’t. You can do it. I did. I love food, and I was able to do it. You can too. You just have to be willing to start.
I remember that when I was overweight, I ate a bowl of ice cream every night, and followed up by eating two types of chips.

Today I may have one scoop of ice cream, a pinch of chips, a handful of peanuts, or fruit as a snack. However, I don’t eat all of them in the same evening.
How much you eat is a choice, your choice. If you want to become thinner, you need to make the right choices, and learn to be happy with those choices. You can do it!

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