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An Apple a Day Can Keep the Fat Away and More

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Keep the Fat Away

I like apples. I eat them almost everyday for lunch. Apples were instrumental in helping me lose weight. They are also instrumental in helping me keep the fat away. Apples also have other properties that make them such a great fruit to have as part of a healthy lunch.

Apples Fill You Up
Foods high in fiber will fill you up without adding too many calories to your day. This will help you keep the fat away.

Get Whiter Teeth
Eating an apple stimulates the production of saliva, reducing tooth decay by decreasing levels of bacteria.

Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s
Apples could keep Alzheimer’s away by fighting the effects of aging on the brain.

Lower Risk of Parkinson’s
People who eat apples and other high-fiber foods, reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease.

Reduce Risk of Cancer
Eating apples can reduce your risk of pancreatic cancer. Apples also can lower cancer growth in the liver, colon, and breast.

Decrease Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Apples are loaded with fiber, which is important for maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

Lower Cholesterol
Apples can help lower cholesterol levels in your blood.

It reduces Arterial Plaque Buildup.
Apples can help lower buildup of plaque in your arteries.

Prevent gallstones
Prevent gallstones by a diet high in fiber. Apples are such a high-fiber fruit.

Stop Diarrhea & Constipation
Whether you have diarrhea or constipation apples can help.

Reduce Odds of Cataracts
People that eat fruits that are full of antioxidants have reduced odd of getting cataracts.

Increase Your Immune System
Red apples can help increase your immune system.

There are many reasons to eat apples. Keep the fat away is just one.

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