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How To Get Fat Fast – How To Gain Weight Fast

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

As a weight loss person, I am always asked how to lose weight fast. I am going to take the opposite approach today and talk about how to get fat fast. Why am I doing this you may be asking? If you want to lose weight, yet you continue to do the things below either knowingly or unknowingly, it is probably the reasons for your results.

First, remember that the idea, here is to increase your calorie intake while at the same time lowering your physical activity. This will help to optimize your weight gain.

A great idea for this is to sit on a sofa watch as much TV while you constantly eat snacks and junk food. Pizza, burger, fries, and fried foods are the best for increasing your weight.

Make sure you also eat three large meals a day with dessert. Don’t forget to go up for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

Remember to make sure you always super size everything.

Do these things and you will get fat fast. However, if you want to lose weight fast, avoid doing all the above.

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