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Track Your Weight Loss Progress – Weight Loss Tip

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Tracking your weight loss progress is a good way to keep yourself on task while losing weight. It makes you mindful of what you are and when you eat it. There are several ways to track your progress and activities:

  • Take photos before, during and after your weight loss. It can keep you motivated and can keep you from reverting back.
  • A food journal is the good way to understand what you are really eating. It will help you to understand your patterns and cheating. What should you write in your food journal?
    1. * The time you ate.
      * What you ate.
      * What was happening when you ate.
      * Who you were with.
      * How you felt afterward.

    Additionally, write your weight down daily so you can see the results of your eating journal.

    Tracking your food intake and weight can be make the difference.

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