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9 Eating Rules to Live By – Weight Loss Tip 5 of 9

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

5. Select Grain to Not Gain Weight
A good idea is to substitute whole grains with refined grains like white bread, cakes, cookies, and pretzels. This will give you much needed fiber and will fill you up so you are more likely to eat a smaller portion. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, start eating whole-wheat breads and pastas, brown rice, bran flakes, popcorn, and whole-rye crackers.

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How To Eat Over The Holidays And Not Gain Weight

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Stuffed Is Not Just For Turkeys
Most of us look forward to Thanksgiving. It is time off work. It is time to relax, and it is time to jam as much food as we can onto our plates and into our mouth. Afterward, we inevitably we feel guilty while we console ourselves with another piece of pie and talk about how we will lose it after the first of the year, yeah right!
If you don’t want to gain weight over the holidays then it may be a good idea to remember these easy tips for enjoying holiday meals without getting carried away.
Now, I am not going to tell you that this is the time to be a health fanatic and eat only vegetables. However, I am not going to tell you to eat your weight in turkey either. There is a balance. Here are some tips.

Eat a Light Breakfast but Don’t Skip Breakfast
It’s tempting to starve yourself all day so that you can pig out, but don’t. Your body will be in a better position to process those extra calories if your metabolism is already buring calories.

Serve Yourself
When you serve yourself, you can control your portions better.

Know Your Enemy
Know what food will get you to overdo it and make a conscious effort to keep it to a reasonable portion for your weight loss goal.

Eat Salad
Fill up half of your plate with salad. This can help you from eating too much of the really fattening things. I am not saying to skip those fattening things. What I am saying is to watch your portions.

Eat Slower
The faster you eat, the more likely you are to overstuff yourself. Therefore, it is a good idea to eat slowly.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol contains a lot of extra unneeded calories that can be used to enjoy your holiday dinner.

I have made it a tradition to go to the gym the morning of a holiday meal and the morning after. This allows me to keep my head in the weight loss game, prepare for a bigger than a normal meal, and work off that bigger than a normal meal.

Watch Those Leftovers
Be careful of eating leftovers for breakfast and lunch. They can destroy your weight loss goals if you are not careful.

Do not say “I will eat what I want and how much I want now and lose weight after the first of the year.” It rarely happens. Why gain more weight that you have to get off later? Losing weight over the holidays is difficult but not impossible. However, if you just take a few steps to maintain your current weight through the holidays, you will have less weight to shed later. If you can’t lose weight over the holidays just make an effort not to gain any.

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