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What’s Your Excuse For Not Losing Weight?

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Everyday I hear excuses for not losing weight. These excuses are disguised as reasons. Here are a few that I have been told:

  • I am too busy to lose weight.
  • It runs in my family.
  • I love to eat.
  • I don’t like to exercise.
  • My wife is a great cook.
  • Running is the best exercise to lose weight, and since I can’t run I can lose weight.
  • Like I wrote above, these people think these are reasons for not losing weight, when in reality, they are just excuses. Anyone can lose weight if they choose to. They just need to choose to lose it, and they must want it badly. When someone gives me an excuse, they are just telling me that they actually don’t want to lose weight. They don’t want to lose weight, and they don’t want to admit to me or themselves that they don’t want to take the weight off. What they don’t realize is that they are not hurting me. They are just hurting themselves and their families if they don’t shed the weight.

    So I have two questions for you. What’s your excuse? When are you going to give up that excuse and start losing weight?

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