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Don’t Return to Bad Habits To Stay Leaner

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Everyday I meet people who invested time and energy in losing weight only to gain it back. If you worked hard making healthier eating choices and exercising regularly and did well you, probably lost weight. You probably felt better, and were convinced that this time, your new and improved weight, and healthier habits were going to stay. However, something happened. Your routine changed. Your work schedule changed, or your family routine changed. You made one bad food choice after another. You started skipping more and more workouts, and before you knew it, you’re overweight again. When life changes, and your routine changes, that is the time you need to remain vigilant. The real test of your new weight will be when your life changes, when life gets crazy, when it gets stressful. That will be the determination on whether you will remain thin. Watch for it happening and deal with it before the weight returns.

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