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How To Stop OverEating – Weight Loss Tip

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

It is not bad that people eat. What is bad, is when they overeat. Years ago I was one of those people. Every meal I would stuff myself like a pig. What I did not realize was that when I stuffed myself as much as I did, I was actually hurting my body. What I did not realize was that my body had to process all that food and do something with it. It turned some into energy, dumped some out, and turned the rest to fat. It became a problem and promoted my unhealthy weight gain. Also, most of the fat went to my abdominal area.

How do you stop your over-eating problem? Here are a few things that helped me.

  • Eat a healthy snack about a half-hour before dinner. This will curb your hunger and help you to eat less.
  • Eat slowly at dinner. This will help you to feel fuller without eating a lot of food.
  • Stop when you just start to feel full. Once are stuffed, it is too late.
  • Exercise more. This will remind you that you need to work off what you put in. It will help you to pay more attention to what and how much you eat.
  • If you can do these few things, you can stop overeating and lose the weight you desire.

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